In a March 21, 2024 editorial, the Chicago Tribune saluted the NBOA’s position on the referendum results:

“The industry voices we heard didn’t gloat after voters nixed the idea. To their credit, they offered to brainstorm with policymakers to address the problem, which at its root is the dearth of affordable housing in Chicago. “We want to work with the city to find real solutions that benefit neighborhood housing and grow Chicago’s supply of naturally occurring affordable housing,” said Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance.”

The editorial added this suggestion: “the mayor and reasonable City Council backers of Bring Chicago Home, like the vice mayor, Ald. Walter Burnett, 27th, ought to jump at the offer of Glasser and others in his orbit. ”

Our position has been consistent.

Block Club Chicago, March 24, 2024: “We are not celebrating—because we did not fix the problem,” said Jeff Weinberg. “Don’t vilify the housing providers. We need to engage together to solve this and look at the right solutions … but this is not a fight between two different sides. We are on the same side.”

WTTW-TV, March 20, 2024: “At the end of the day, we still have people in Chicago who need houses,” said Corey Oliver. “We just need to figure out the way that is going to work best for Chicago to be able to provide it, and that’s what we want to do.”

FOX-32, March 20, 2024: “We all want a better Chicago. We all want to solve the issues that we have with homelessness, but we never felt that this [tax increase] was the right way to go about it,” Miguel Chacon said.