Many of Chicago’s top media outlets featured the NBOA’s perspective in their coverage. One example was WLS ABC-7’s story, Bring Chicago Home appears headed for defeat as election results pending on vote-by-mail ballots.

While the race has not yet been called, the president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, which opposed the referendum, released a statement saying, “While the results for this race may not be final, the passion of both sides is clear: we all want to make Chicago a better place to live.”

“As neighborhood housing providers, we are responsible for 70% of the city’s affordable housing, and we want to work with the City to find real solutions that benefit neighborhood housing and grow Chicago’s supply of naturally occurring affordable housing.”

Corey Oliver with the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance said his biggest concern about Bring Chicago Home was that it might destabilize rent for tenants in affordable housing like the kind he provides, driving rent up to cover the increased tax.

WGN-TV interviewed Miguel Chacon, a real estate broker and representative of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance. “This ordinance, as it’s written — or this referendum — is really going to impact a lot more renters than people might assume,” [Chacon] said.  “Anything that increases the operating expenses for any property owner, or any business for that matter, is eventually passed down to tenants.”

Other coverage includes Block Club Chicago, WBEZ, WTTW, The Real Deal, and the Chicago Tribune which mentioned the NBOA. The story said that one of the main arguments against the tax increase was ” that if the referendum passes, it will dampen sales in an already-fragile market, hurt mom-and-pop residential landlords and not adequately address the homelessness crisis.”