The following media hits reflect stories where our efforts led to the story, or resulted in NBOA’s inclusion in the story.


Center Square, June 25, 2024. Landlords dealing with skyrocketing insurance costs.
“Andrew Dolliff, director of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, said construction costs have increased by over 50%.”

Chicago Tribune, March 22, 2024. Bring Chicago Home referendum voted down, AP says.
“Rather than the end of Bring Chicago Home, we hope this is the beginning of a fresh climate that stimulates investment in and reduces obstacles to the creation and maintenance of affordable housing,” said another chief opponent, Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance. “There are vacant lots and empty buildings all across Chicago. We can transform them into homes for hardworking Chicago families, if the city works with us instead of against us.”

WBEZ-FM, March 22, 2024. Bring Chicago Home referendum fails after vote-by-mail ballots counted.
The story ran the NBOA’s statement in full.

Chicago Tribune editorial, March 21, 2024. Apparent flameout of Bring Chicago Home is an opportunity for Mayor Johnson.
“The industry voices we heard didn’t gloat after voters nixed the idea. To their credit, they offered to brainstorm with policymakers to address the problem, which at its root is the dearth of affordable housing in Chicago. “We want to work with the city to find real solutions that benefit neighborhood housing and grow Chicago’s supply of naturally occurring affordable housing,” said Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance.” … “The mayor and reasonable City Council backers of Bring Chicago Home, like the vice mayor, Ald. Walter Burnett, 27th, ought to jump at the offer of Glasser and others in his orbit. ”

Block Club Chicago, March 24, 2024. Bring Chicago Home Advocates, Mayor Vow To Keep Fighting For Homelessness Prevention.
“We are not celebrating—because we did not fix the problem,” said Jeff Weinberg. “Don’t vilify the housing providers. We need to engage together to solve this and look at the right solutions … but this is not a fight between two different sides. We are on the same side.”

Fox-32-TV, March 20, 2024. Johnson defiant in defeat after ‘Bring Chicago Home’ initiative fails.
“We all want a better Chicago. We all want to solve the issues that we have with homelessness, but we never felt that this was the right way to go about it,” Chacon added.

WTTW-TV, March 20, 2024. Bring Chicago Home Referendum Still Too Close to Call as Mail-In Ballots Counted.
Corey Oliver said, “at the end of the day, we still have people in Chicago who need houses. We just need to figure out the way that is going to work best for Chicago to be able to provide it, and that’s what we want to do.”

WBEZ-FM, March 20, 2024. What’s next as the Bring Chicago Home referendum hangs in limbo.
“Miguel Chacon, a real estate broker and board member of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, which opposed the referendum” was quoted regarding the election results.

Block Club Chicago, March 19, 2024. Bring Chicago Home Referendum Appears To Fail As Final Votes Come In.
Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, one of the groups that also sought to block the ballot question, said the groups want to continue working toward a solution for affordable housing in Chicago.

Chicago Tribune, March 19, 2024. Johnson’s Bring Chicago Home referendum in serious trouble.
Meanwhile, the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, which opposed the referendum, released a cautiously optimistic statement.

WBEZ-FM, March 19,2024. Bring Chicago Home referendum appears headed for defeat.
“While the results for this race may not be final, the passion of both sides is clear: We all want to make Chicago a better place to live,” said Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance of Chicago, one of the groups that sued to block the referendum.

WGN-TV, March 19, 2024. ‘Bring Chicago Home’ real estate tax referendum headed toward defeat at the polls.
“This ordinance, as it’s written — or this referendum — is really going to impact a lot more renters than people might assume,” said Miguel Chacon, a real estate broker and representative of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance. “Anything that increases the operating expenses for any property owner, or any business for that matter, is eventually passed down to tenants.”

WTTW-TV, March 19, 2024. Push to Give City Council Power to Hike Taxes on Sales of Million-Dollar Properties Trails As Neither Side Concedes.
Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, vowed to work with city officials to help end homelessness. “While the results for this race may not be final, the passion of both sides is clear: we all want to make Chicago a better place to live,” Glasser said.

The Daily Line, March 20, 2024. Bring Chicago Home referendum appears to fail at the polls after surviving legal challenge.

WLS Channel 7, March 19, 2024. Bring Chicago Home appears headed for defeat as election results pending on vote-by-mail ballots.
Corey Oliver with the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance said his biggest concern about Bring Chicago Home was that it might destabilize rent for tenants in affordable housing like the kind he provides, driving rent up to cover the increased tax.

The Real Deal, March 19, 2024. Real estate reacts to Johnson’s transfer tax trailing. WGN-TV, March 17, 2024. Bring Chicago Home Opponents Argue Against Changes.

The Real Deal, March 19, 2024. “No” votes leading on Mayor Brandon Johnson’s transfer tax referendum.

WGN-TV, March 17, 2024. Bring Chicago Home Opponents Argue Against Changes.
Corey Oliver discusses the issues related to Bring Chicago Home with Paul Lisnek.

The Real Deal, March 8, 2024. Real estate shifts transfer tax fight to ballot box after court loss.
“An effort to try to help provide housing for the homeless is going to then, in turn, create homelessness and housing instability for those who are already just barely stable,” [Corey Oliver, board member of Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance]. “When you have these families who are already barely stable, they’re not going to be able to absorb those types of increases.”

Chicago Tribune, March 4, 2024. Despite legal limbo, Bring Chicago Home’s champions, foes continue messaging battle in final weeks before March primary. Mike Glasser is quoted regarding the impact of Bring Chicago Home on neighborhood housing.

Block Club Chicago, February 23, 2024. Bring Chicago Home Shouldn’t Be On March Ballot, Judge Rules.
“We look forward to working with the Administration to find better ways to address housing issues,” Michael Glasser, the group’s president, said in a statement after Friday’s ruling. “This campaign has shone a spotlight on the need for affordable housing and the need to invest in the people who provide it.”

Chicago Sun-Times, February 22, 2024. Mayor Brandon Johnson’s borrowing plan raises questions about how the city will spend the money.
Michael Glasser, President of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance of Chicago, in a statement called the mayor’s plan “heavy on spending, but light on resolving the structural obstacles that have led to the city’s 120,000-home deficit.”

Chicago Sun-Times, January 12, 2024. For Chicago renters, added fees mean people end up paying more for apartments.
Corey Oliver and Roman Viere respond to the issues of fees and share the perspective of neighborhood housing providers.

Block Club Chicago, January 12, 2024. Bring Chicago Home Advocates Say ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuit Won’t Block Ballot Question.
“This tax increase affects almost every apartment building in the city,” Glasser said in an email. “This measure will make it more expensive to invest in affordable housing, which is the exact wrong way to make housing more available and to keep people housed.”

The Center Square. January 9, 2024. Coalition says hike in Chicago transfer tax could drive property owners elsewhere.
“Mike Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owner’s Alliance, said if the referendum passes, property owners may choose to invest outside of Illinois.”

WGN-TV, January 7, 2024. Groups begin canvassing for Bring Chicago Home referendum.
“Don’t throw an obstacle at small investors and midsize investors who are the key to providing affordable housing in the city,” Glasser said.

Chicago Sun-Times, January 3, 2024. Bring Chicago Home real estate transfer tax would cost renters a lot.
It would not make housing more affordable or more available, the president of a property management company writes. And it would not improve the quality of housing. A letter to the editor by the NBOA’s Jeff Weinberg.

Lexology (legal newsletter), November 7, 2023. Chicago’s Increased Transfer Tax Wins Key City Vote.
“Opposition by groups like the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and various Realtors’ organizations has become more pronounced in the last few months.”

Chicago Tribune, November 1, 2023. Aldermen support March referendum on real estate transfer tax, sending ordinance to full City Council.
The story refers to the NBOA as an important opponent of  the measure.

Chicago Tribune, October 23, 2023. Volunteers help migrants in search for permanent housing as Chicago struggles to keep up.
“According to a Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance September survey of more than 230 Chicago housing providers, 38% of respondents said they do not have any vacant units available, with around 85% of respondents saying fewer than 5% of their rental units available.”

Chicago Tribune, October 17, 2023. As evictions tick back up in Cook County, new proposal aims to help renters who land in court.
“The Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, a membership organization for property owners, told the Tribune it is not taking a position on the proposal to make the right to counsel program permanent.”

Chicago Sun-Times, October 16, 2023. Rent prices dip slightly in Chicago metro area, report finds.
“Jason Wagner, a member of the Chicago-based Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance’s issues and policy group, says they are continuing to see rent prices increase within the boundaries of Chicago. However, monthly rental prices won’t rise as quickly.”

The Real Deal, September 29, 2023. Landlords say they’d raise rents if transfer tax hike occurs.
The article recaps the Crain’s story about the survey.

Crain’s Chicago Business, September 29, 2023. Most landlords say they’d raise rent to deal with transfer tax hike.
Reporting on the NBOA’s fall survey, the story quoted Mike Glasser and Tracii Randolph on the impact of the Bring Chicago Home tax increase.

Chicago Tribune, September 14, 2023. Revised property transfer tax plan, a hallmark of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s campaign to address Chicago homelessness, takes a step forward.
Miguel Chacon, a landlord and real estate broker for small-to-midsize property owners in Pilsen, called the ordinance “terrible” and said “it will hurt renters more than anyone else,” as property owners will have to pass on added costs to tenants. “I don’t understand how politicians think this is a good idea,” said Chacon, who is also a member of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance. “It just goes to the opposite of trying to avoid homelessness when you’re raising the rents for all renters across the city.”

Block Club Chicago, September 15, 2023. Plan To Hike Real Estate Transfer Tax To Fund Homelessness Prevention Moves Forward.
Miguel Chacon, a realtor, landlord and member of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, said last month that “Everyone is going to start raising their rents. And $1.5 million dollars is a very low threshold to get across.”

Block Club News, August 23, 2023. Real Estate Transfer Taxes Would Drop For Most Under Johnson-Backed Homelessness Prevention Proposal.
“Miguel Chacon, a realtor, landlord and member of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, echoed those concerns. He said the plan would ultimately result in landlords jacking up rents across Chicago.”

Illinois Answers Project, August 2, 2023. As Chicago Considers a ‘Mansion Tax,’ Evanston and LA Show Potential Paths Forward.
NBOA President Mike Glasser is quoted about the proposed Bring Chicago Home ordinance: “A new tax would put a damper on buyers, he argued, particularly for less experienced real estate entrepreneurs who are looking to break into the industry or buy multifamily buildings in communities of color.”

Fox & Friends, July 30, 2023. Chicago ordinance to raise taxes to tackle homelessness.
Miguel Chacon joined this national morning news show to discuss Chicago’s proposed increase in the title transfer tax. He spoke to the unintended consequences of the proposal, and explained how it would be a bad idea for renters and for affordable housing.

NBC-5, July 27, 2023. Housing advocates push for City Council to enact a real estate transfer tax.
At 1:27, Miguel Chacon explains that this measure will hurt housing providers who already struggle to provide affordable housing.

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, July 24, 2023. Navigating the rental market in Chicago.
Mike Glasser discusses the current state of the residential rental market on WBEZ’s Reset.

Chicago Tribune, July 21, 2023. Migrants are leaving Chicago shelters with the help of rental assistance.
This article talks about the “June 11 discussion … hosted by the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance and the Latino Real Estate Investors Council.”

NTD News, July 15, 2023. Law Bans Refusal of Illegal Immigrant Tenants
Amerit Del Rio, from the NBOA’s newest affiliate the LREIC, speaks to the issues regarding this new law and neighborhood housing.

The Real Deal, July 12, 2023. Commercial players lead charge against transfer tax hike
Multifamily investor and broker A.J. Manaseer, a member of the Neighborhood Building Owner’s Alliance legislative team, was quoted: “All you’re doing is creating upward pressure on rents and that’s not the goal,” Manaseer said about the proposed title transfer tax.

Center Square, July 12, 2023.
Illinois law prohibits landlords from refusing to rent or sell property to undocumented migrants
“There’s always been a large number of refugees coming into this country before this particular crisis, and in the past, the capacity has been there to absorb these folks, so I’m not so worried that this will be a single factor that is going to create a huge increase in rent,” said [NBOA President Michael] Glasser to The Center Square.

Chicago Tribune, June 21, 2023.
Chicago rental assistance program restarting soon as state takes over
Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, said the extra month provided to tenants and landlords to negotiate through the Early Resolution Program can be helpful when emergency rental assistance is available. “But most of the time it is a court-mandated extra month of free housing — with still another three to four months ahead in the process — that falls on our members while the long legal process plays out,” Glasser said in a statement.

Chicago Tribune, May 31, 2023.
Cook County program touted as one of the ‘top eviction prevention innovations’ has drawn praise, pushback
“Michael Zink, a real estate attorney who mostly represents small landlords, said that while the program is well-intentioned, the long process forces some of his clients — the majority of whom are people of color who own two- to four-unit buildings — to dip into their retirement savings to continue to provide their other tenants with quality housing.”

The RealDeal, April 19, 2023.
Johnson’s transfer tax: Industry weighs in on mayor-elect’s proposal to more than triple city’s take on $1M-plus property sales  The proposal, if passed into law, will almost certainly impact smaller business owners, landlords and, over the long term, renters, according to Michael Chioros of the industry group Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance. “Some people think landlords pocket 100 percent of the rent, the reality is we’re lucky if we get 5 or 6 percent of that at the end of the year,” he said. “It’s the same thing with a sale. It’s not this big pot of gold that someone’s getting.”

Chicago Tribune, February 21, 2023
New property tax incentive could remake Fulton Market and other neighborhoods into havens for affordable housing
“All these kids go to the local school, the parents are on the local school council, so this is a nice opportunity for them to stay in the neighborhood,” [NBOA Board member Andrew] Levin said. “That’s what [this tax incentive program is] all about. It’s also a way for me to stay in business as well, and who better to own these properties than a local guy who knows all their stories?”

Chicago Tonight, WTTW, October 13, 2022.
Leodus Thomas of GADA discusses a neighborhood housing provider’s actions in the aftermath of a building explosion.

NTD News, and online business news program. March 30, 2022. Soaring Home and Construction Costs Affect Landlords.” youtu.be/ug1CZX6MzC0?t=732  Based on the relationship we have established with his outlet, the reporter reached out to us, and we connected him with Steve Shah, long-time member and a leader in the NBOA community.

Chicago Tribune, March 5, 2022. “Chicago’s two-, three- and four-flats are a key source of affordable housing. The pandemic might be changing that.”
We worked with the reporter to include NBOA member Peg Olson, who shared the struggles of small housing providers during Covid. “Olson, a former nurse, no longer works regularly so she couldn’t pick up extra shifts to cover her costs, she said. She has had to weigh her grocery list against her bills. “I still have my mortgage, I still have heating, I still have taxes,” she said.”

Chicago Tribune, February 22, 2022. “Renters facing eviction could receive free legal aid under new $8 million city initiative.”
Michael Zink, a housing attorney who is active in the small landlord association Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, said the Lightfoot administration’s effort fails to address what he sees as one of the most pressing issues for mom-and-pop landlords: delays in the court process.

Streetwise, January 17, 2022. “Cook County Diverts Predicted COVID-19 Eviction Avalanche.”
issuu.com/streetwise_chi/docs/jan17-23_2022_issuu (page 7)
This story might have been negative regarding housing providers, but our team worked extensively with the reporter, who was happy to tell a balanced and accurate story. “Nationally, mom and pop landlords own more than 75% of the small rental properties that are home to most unsubsidized low-income families, particularly families with children.”

Chicago Tribune, January 2, 2022. “Meet Bonita Harrison, a South Sider bent on making affordable housing a reality.
We were able to place this powerful article because we have a compelling story to tell, and because of passionate, articulate members like Bonita Harrison.
“After much conversation about tenant and landlord relations during the pandemic and hundreds of millions of dollars of rental assistance going to thousands of the former for the latter, Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, wants people to know losses like Harrison’s can influence the housing market in an area, and lead to disinvestment. A recent study by the Alliance, which represents Chicago’s small to medium-sized landlords, showed continued hardship for housing providers in the south and west sides and suburbs.”

This story also ran in a number of outlets across the country, including:

Chicagoan is bent on making affordable housing a reality



ReJournals, December 28, 2021. “The pandemic created a big opportunity for private equity, but squeezed independent Chicago landlords.”

The pandemic created a big opportunity for private equity, but squeezed independent Chicago landlords

This respected trade publication did a deep dive into the Chicago residential rental market, focusing on NBOA’s quarterly survey, and prominently featuring NBOA member Sal Becovic.

Chicago Sun-Times, November 26, 2021. Editorial opposing the Just Cause ordinance.
Creating more housing stability for Chicago renters – Chicago Sun-Times
We worked closely to change a pro-Just Cause editorial into this piece, which opposed it.
“We question the wisdom of requiring landlords to pay substantial relocation costs in no-fault lease terminations. Even small amounts can be a burden on small-scale landlords — the majority of Chicago’s housing providers.”

Chicago Sun-Times, October 31, 2021. We can be grateful that no wave of evictions has occurred since the moratorium was lifted. Letter to the Editor by Michael Glasser.
“Our policymakers need to acknowledge the valuable role played by neighborhood housing providers. Rather than demonize them and impose punitive regulations that drive up the cost of providing housing, our legislators need to look for ways to support our small- and medium-sized housing providers.”

The Patch, October 28, 2021. Illinois Distributes All Of First-Round Rental Assistance.
Michael Glasser, president of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance, said it is beneficial for renters to apply for assistance because housing providers prefer not to go through the long legal process of eviction, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Advantage News, October 28, 2021. Illinois Distributes All Of First-Round Rental Assistance.
Features quote from Michael Glasser.

NBC-5, October 7, 2021. As Illinois Eviction Ban Ends, All Eyes On Financial Rental Assistance Available.
Profile of Derick, and his struggles as a housing provider.

NBC-5, October 6. List of on-line resources.

Following End to Illinois Eviction Ban, All Eyes On Financial Rental Assistance Available

“(NBOA) represents small and medium sized housing providers. It offers informational seminars on issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and regular emails with resources and information for housing providers.”

WBEZ, November 5, 2021. Chicago Renters Fear A Wave Of Evictions Are Coming. Here’s How Some Are Preparing.
“In a recent survey released about September rents, [NBOA] owners said collection is down more than usual. A third said they’re losing money. And half said they have tenants that refuse to communicate with them.”

92.9 FM, October 5, 2021. What’s Next after End of Illinois’ Eviction Moratorium.

Illinois’ eviction moratorium is over. What’s next?

Center Square, October 5, 2021. Illinois’ eviction moratorium is over. What’s next?
“Most rental housing is owned by a housing provider who only owns a handful of units, and if you have just one or two units that are unable or unwilling to pay, that can add up very quickly to a real crisis.”

WLS TV-7, October 1, 2021. Chicago Cook County emergency rental assistance program adds $75M for suburban residents, applications open.
Interview with Corey Oliver

WTTW, Chicago Tonight, October 1, 2021. As Illinois’ Ban on Evictions Ends Sunday, Officials Scramble to Ramp Up Aid.news.wttw.com/2021/10/01/illinois-ban-evictions-ends-sunday-officials-scramble-ramp-aid
“A survey by the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance found that Chicago housing providers have not been paid $1 billion in rent since March 2020.”

St. Louis Public Radio, October 1, 2021. What to know ahead of this weekend’s eviction moratorium expiration.

Illinois Capitol News, October 1, 2021. What to know ahead of this weekend’s eviction moratorium expiration.

Chicago Tribune, August 28, 2021. CDC ban, state eviction moratorium: What’s next for Illinois renters?

The Center Square , August 27, 2021. After Supreme Court eviction decision, Illinois landlords speak out
Glasser warned of a pending debt tsunami once the moratorium is lifted.

Hyde Park Herald, August 27, 2021. State eviction moratorium amended, extended til Sept. 18
“Just because we can evict doesn’t mean we want to,” said Michael Glasser, president of the NBOA.

Chicago Sun-Times, August 27, 2021. Pritzker extends Illinois’ eviction moratorium after U.S. Supreme Court nixes federal version
Glasser said eviction “is a tool that can help us bring the parties to the table — and we need that tool.”

Daily Herald, August 27, 2021. State eviction moratorium stands despite U.S. Supreme Court decision
“Often, invoking the eviction process brings a tenant to the table, resulting in productive negotiations.”

Chicago Tribune, August 27, 2021. CDC ban, state eviction moratorium: What’s next for Illinois renters?
In the meantime, landlords waiting for assistance were making fewer improvements and repairs to buildings, according to the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance.

NTD News (national on-line video newscast), August 4, 2021. On-air interview regarding evictions and rental delinquencies (story begins at 10:26)

Chicago Tonight, August 4, 2021, On-air interview about rental assistance and moratorium ending

Center Square, August 4, 2021, Story on rental assistance and moratorium ending

Chicago Sun-Times, August 2, 2021, Editorial on rental assistance

CBS 2 Chicago, August 2, 2021, Story on rental assistance and moratorium ending

Crain’s Chicago Business, August 2, 2021, Story on moratorium ending

WGN, August 2, 2021, Story on moratorium ending

Chicago Tribune, July 30, 2021, Opinion column on ending the moratorium

WBEZ, July 26, 2021, Story on moratorium ending

WTTW, July 24, 2021, Story on moratorium ending

WTTW, July 18, 2021, Story on moratorium ending

Center Square, July 4, 2021, Story on NBOA proposal for moratorium

Chicago Reporter, July 1, 2021, Story on the plight of housing providers

ABC 7, June 30, 2021, Story on resuming evictions

WTTW, June 21, 2021, Article on status of rental assistance programs

Capitol Fax, June 14, 2021, Feature post on eviction moratorium

Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2021, Article on ADUs

WBEZ, May 27, 2021, Story on rental assistance

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Capitol Fax Blog, May 17, 2021, Post on rental assistance and eviction moratorium phasing out

CBS 2, May 17, 2021, Story on rental assistance and challenges facing housing providers

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Chicago Tribune, May 13, 2021, Story on DePaul Study

WGN TV, May 5, 2021, Story on eviction moratorium and total unpaid rent

ABC 7, May 1, 2021, Segment on eviction moratorium and total unpaid rent

ABC 7, April 30, 2021, Interview on eviction moratorium and total unpaid rent

WBBM, April 26, 2021, Interview with NBOA about renters taking advantage of the eviction moratorium

Chicago Sun-Times, April 26, 2021, Column on renters taking advantage of the eviction moratorium

WTTW, April 25, 2021, on-air debate on rent control

March 2021

WBEZ, March 31, 2021, Analysis on the State of Housing and Possible Evictions

Chicago Sun-Times, March 25, 2021, Story on Rent Control

Capitol Fax Blog, March 24, 2021, Discussion of Rent Control

WBEZ, March 19, 2021, Story about housing provider whose lost everything

CBS News, March 5, 2021, Story on Eviction Moratorium Extension and NBOA Survey

January 2021

The Daily Line, January 26, 2021, Article on RTLO

Crains Chicago Business, January 25, 2021, Article on RTLO

Crains Chicago Business, January 7, 2021, NBOA op ed on housing providers need relief

The Center Square, January 4, 2021, Article on renters behind in rent


December 2020

The Daily Line, December 14, 2020, Guest Commentary by NBOA Board member on RTLO

Daily Herald, December 14, 2020, Letter to the Editor by NBOA Board member on RTLO

Daily Herald, December 14, 2020, Article on RTLO

Chicago Tribune, December 13, 2020, Letter to the Editor by NBOA Board member on Biden housing agenda story response (last story)

Chicago Tribune, December 10, 2020, Article on RTLO

Chicago Sun-Times, December 4, 2020, Letter to the Editor by NBOA Board member on RLTO


November 2020

NBOA Board Member’s Sun Times Letter to the Editor (second story down)

The Daily Line Cook County RTLO

Chicago Tribune Editorial for Moratorium Modification

WBEZ Story on Tenant Unions

WBEZ News Segment
Link not available

October 2020

Sun Times Coverage of Eviction Moratorium Extension

Capitol Fax Question of the Day

CBS Follow Up on Homeless Landlord

Chicago Tribune Op Ed

September 2020

Capitol Fax Coverage of Eviction Moratorium

Extended CBS Story on Housing Providers who are Homeless

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Chicago Tribune Eviction Deep Dive

Chicago Magazine

NPR Weekend Edition story on Katrina

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Forbes story on human story of eviction bans

August 2020.

Capitol Fax Blog about Eviction Moratorium

Sun-Times on Eviction Moratorium

ABC-7 on Lift the Ban Demands

Daily Line Op Ed

Crain’s Article on Fair Notice

CBS-2 story on Bernardina

Crain’s Article on Developers Pushing Back

WVON She Flips, He Flips Interivew

WGN Interview on Eviction Moratorium Unintended Consequences

July 2020 & Earlier.

CBS-2 story on Fair Notice

CBS-2 story on Fair Notice

Crain’s Op Ed on State of Housing

Sun-Times Editorial on Rent Strikes

ABC-7 story on Lift the Ban Demands

Lawndale News story on Solidarity Pledge

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NBC-5 story on Eviction Moratorium and Solidarity Pledge (brief mention)

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