On January 28, 2021,  the Cook County Board approved passage of the County’s Residential Tenant & Landlord Ordinance – a 30 page ordinance which extends much of our “beloved” Chicago RLTO – and then some, to the suburbs of Cook County – but not to Evanston nor Mt. Prospect.

The Ordinance takes effect in June, 2021, so we have time to evaluate it further and prepare. The NBOA and our industry partners worked diligently to make the Ordinance “less bad” – and we extend our appreciation to members of the County Board who did work with us to make the ordinance a bit better.

Kudos to the many members of NBOA affiliates who joined us in important Zoom sessions with many of the Board’s seventeen members – such advocacy made a huge difference to improving the Ordinance.

Click to view the Ordnance.