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Neighborhood housing depends on neighborhood housing providers.

Housing policy only works with the involvement of housing providers.

The Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA) is the voice of neighborhood housing in Chicago. It represents Chicago’s small and mid-sized housing providers, most of whom live, hire and buy supplies in the communities they serve.




Buildings owned or managed


Apartment units under ownership or management

The NBOA serves the members of its nine community building owner affiliates. Like those affiliates, the NBOA is a forum for information, professional development and networking.

In addition, the NBOA advocates on behalf of small and mid-sized housing providers. Its team of professionals works to tell the story of neighborhood housing in the media, and to lobby public officials to ensure housing providers are part of housing policy.

Hot News

Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Rent Control Task Force

NBOA has created a task force issues pertaining to rent control, which is likely to be under consideration in the General Assembly in the coming months.

If you are interested, please reach out to us at We have an important story to tell and we could use your help.


The NBOA needs your support at this critical time
As summer of 2022 approaches, the NBOA faces a cash crunch.  Our thanks to those members who have made contributions in appreciation for all the NBOA does to strengthen neighborhood housing.
Please consider joining them. Unless the NBOA can generate an influx of revenue, we will be required to make some really hard choices.

It need not be this way. 

Learn about three ways you can help to keep NBOA afloat


Now, more than ever, it’s important for all voices to be heard. We work with our members to understand all points of view and educate city officials on our discoveries and perspectives.

Educational Opportunities

We find opportunities to gather owners, developers and their potential counterparts to keep them abreast of new legislation, trends. and partnerships on the horizon.

Strategy & Planning

Rather than working on an individual basis or in small groups, we gather information from all our partners to build strategic positions that mitigate ineffective rules & regulations.