Neighborhood housing depends on neighborhood housing providers.

Housing policy only works with the involvement of housing providers.

The Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA) is the voice of neighborhood housing in Chicago. It represents Chicago’s small and mid-sized housing providers, most of whom live, hire and buy supplies in the communities they serve.




Buildings owned or managed


Apartment units under ownership or management

The NBOA serves the members of its nine community building owner affiliates. Like those affiliates, the NBOA is a forum for information, professional development and networking.

In addition, the NBOA advocates on behalf of small and mid-sized housing providers. Its team of professionals works to tell the story of neighborhood housing in the media, and to lobby public officials to ensure housing providers are part of housing policy.

Hot News

March 14, 2023
Straight Up Chicago Podcast on How to Deal with the Media

The March 14, 2023 episode of the fabulous Straight Up Chicago Investor podcast dealt with what to do if the media calls—and how the NBOA is here to help you if a reporter contacts you.

Thanks to Mark Ainley and Tom Shallcross for all their great content, their expert hosting and their support of the NBOA.

NBOA Forum on Rent Control Informs Local Housing Providers

Over 70 NBOA members and colleagues joined a 3/6/23 Zoom call where we received an update on pending legislation that could usher in rent control in Illinois.

Illinois Realtors Senior Advisor for Governmental Affairs Betsy Mitchell, State Rep (55th District) Marty Moylan and New Era Chicago founder Mike Hagenson participated in an informative one hour meeting, moderated by for Chicago Housing Commissioner and CIC President Jack Markowski.

Read More and download our important documents

NBOA Members Tell Their Stories as Neighborhood Housing Providers

For the past three weeks, the NBOA team has been working with the Chicago Tribune’s commercial real estate reporter on a story regarding the new Property Tax Incentive Program.

You can read the full story here (may require a subscription), but here are some highlights


Now, more than ever, it’s important for all voices to be heard. We work with our members to understand all points of view and educate city officials on our discoveries and perspectives.

Educational Opportunities

We find opportunities to gather owners, developers and their potential counterparts to keep them abreast of new legislation, trends. and partnerships on the horizon.

Strategy & Planning

Rather than working on an individual basis or in small groups, we gather information from all our partners to build strategic positions that mitigate ineffective rules & regulations.

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